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Federal Reserve Buys Trump Airlines out of Bankruptcy

Fresh off their junk bond buying spree, the Federal Reserve announced another bold move this morning: it was buying Trump Airlines out of bankruptcy. In a press conference, Jerome Powell stated the rationale, "Listen, the market got this one wrong. With just a bit more funding, this company could have had a very positive impact. We will right this wrong."

Former Trump executives argue that employees could be considered "furloughed" since 1992, meeting criteria for government assistance.

The deal is rumored to be in the $50 billion USD range. When pressed by reporters that the entity has been bankrupt since 1992, so why pay a $50 billion premium, Powell responded, "I mean, let's be honest, does it really matter? It's only money."

Rumors are that the deal frenzy will not stop. Dealbreaker is reporting that the Fed is currently also evaluating funding Enron and, subject to diligence.

Morgan Stanley is advising the Federal Reserve. Drexel Burnham Lambert is advising Trump Airlines.


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