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Nikola Tesla Rises from Dead, Demands Compensation from Elon Musk and Trevor Milton

The associated press is reporting that Nikola Tesla, the inventor who died in 1943, has miraculously risen from the dead. According to friends, he was getting annoyed with companies using his name and getting large valuations. He mustered up some energy, got up and immediately hired a lawyer to seek compensation. 

Nikola Tesla, seen here rising from the dead, is seeking billions of dollars in compensation

Lawyers for Nikola Tesla made the following statement. "I appreciate companies like Elon Musk's Tesla Motors and Trevor Milton's Nikola Motors using my client's good name. My client, however, died penniless and I think he deserves a bit of the upside here. I mean, let's be honest, who would buy a car from something named The Musk Motor Company? And the Trevor Milton Corporation sounds like a toy company from 1940. Without my client's good name, it's clear that both of these companies are worth a lot less than they are now. My client deserves some compensation." 

No response yet from Tesla or Nikola Motors.

Story developing...


What you can learn from this fake news

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