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Trump Live Zooms Speech in Tulsa; Crowd Estimated at 16 billion

Contrary to press reports of a small crowd size at his Tulsa rally, President Trump live-zoomed himself in front of a massive crowd. "This just shows what fake news will do. They lie. They say anything to make me look bad so we live-zoomed this one to the country. Unbelievable crowd. People are saying 16 billion in the crowd," stated President Trump on Fox News.

Trump live zoomed himself in front of a massive crowd in Tulsa. Skeptics claim the video was altered.

Professor of Statistics, Myron Bismet, from MIT indicated some skepticism. "According to my calculations, this is nearly 2 times the population of the world. That math gives me some pause."

Joey Scarpone, a 12 year old from upstate New York was the first on twitter with what appeared to be the explanation. "I am not sure many in the older generation understand this. But you can super-impose yourself on any background you want on Zoom. This clearly seems fake."

Joey's parents, big Trump supporters, immediately sent him to his room and have grounded him for 3 months. Bill Barr, the U.S. Attorney General, has indicated Joey may be prosecuted as an adult for something he has yet to make up.


What you can learn from this fake news

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