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Price to Book Value
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Williams-Sonoma Inc | WSM
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data as of 9/25/2020 | earnings to be released on 11/20/2020

Input Your Assumptions
Data and Commentary
Compare your forecast
Enter BVPS forecast (NTM)

vs LTM

% Diff
Note the the multiple on p/bv is a trailing multiple and, as such, there is no need to forecast growth beyond the next 12 months. 


Valuation multiple 
S&P 500 P/E
Compare your forecast to the current multiple. Also, take note of the z-score to ensure you understand how different your forecast is from the recent range.


Implied stock price


Enter current stock price


% up, downside
Stock price
Note our stock prices are on a delay as of the date at top of this box. To get current prices, lookup here.
* Note the company paid a dividend of 1.92/share over the LTM. If this continues, this means an additional return of 2.2% at the current stock price of 86.75.
Dividend Per Share

vs LTM

vs NTM

LTM= dividends per share for last 12 months.
NTM = consensus expectations for dividends per share next 12 months
i3PO will take a look at your assumptions and give you feedback. This can be a helpful check as if you were testing your assumptions with a peer or co-worker. Click below (note: audio may not work on mobile).
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Hi there, here is my take.

FYI, the S&P 500 is currently trading on a price-to-earnings ratio of 0.8 standard deviations from its past one year average. Keep this in mind as you evaluate your assumptions as company valuations are based partially on their prospects but also on the market as a whole.


Please remember my goal is to provide you with another perspective, highlighting what I see to help you make better decisions.

Thank you for listening.


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