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i3PO's 2x2 Results Matrix

To quickly visualize i3PO's analysis in total, we map i3PO's fundamental score x the valuation score below on a 2x2 matrix, resulting in 4 quadrants:

  1. Bull (positive fundamentals AND positive valuation)

  2. Bull momentum? (positive fundamentals BUT negative valuation)

  3. Bear value trap? (negative fundamentals BUT positive valuation)

  4. Bear (negative fundamentals AND negative valuation)

Then we color code the i3PO signals score to show bullish or bearish signals within each quadrant. This helps you evaluate if the stock will migrate to another quadrant or not.

This helps you see the results in total quickly and gives you a way to integrate your own views with i3PO's analysis. For example, you may know a stock very well that happens to be in the bear value trap quadrant. Your own research indicates that fundamentals may trend more positively than i3PO has calculated. Then, you see i3PO's signals score is starting to turn bullish. So you start to build a position given the probability this stock migrates to the bull quadrant is increasing. 

Take a look at the visualizations below. Then go to the single stock page to look at specific names in-depth, along with the details behind the scoring calculations (free trial, then a nominal cost which can be cancelled at any time). Select stocks have free analysis available here.

data as of 9/25/20

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